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Try these tips. Submit a Coupon. They are marked a size 37 EUR and fit a size 6. GUC with miles of life in them. These clogs are pre-owned in great condition- gently used. Size 12 is for Kidnergarten age. Worn for about a month or so. Light wear on these classic original wooden clogs - hand made. Condition is Pre-owned. And inside is a soft, fuzzy liner. Features: Peep Toe.

Heel Type: Block Heels Shoes. Color: Purple. Fastening: Slip On. Eu Size: EU Excellent condition.

Fun Sandal Clog Charms. Fun Sandal Clog. Sven bronze woven leather clogs, size 40 fits best for 9 to smaller 9. Red leather with black cut out hearts detail. Check out the Sven charts and know your Sven size! I thought about keeping these, but they don't go with any of my wardrobe. They more your style?. They're in pretty good shape, mild signs of wear only.

Sanita Clogs - The Original Danish Clog

Maybe they're best suited for the hospital hallways. Danskos for me, are always fun to find and have always been that elusive treasure as they are scarce out in the wild. I have about 6 listed and maybe 5 pair to get up yet. Hope the whole Dansko gravy train doesn't come to halt quite yet. We still have some for sale too, but it feels like a crap shoot. I bend the soles and really poke and prod trying to see if they'll crumble. It can't happen to all of them, right?

Unfortunately, I think Dansko is getting a bad rep. Weird they haven't publicly acknowledged it to regain customer trust.

Bragard 15% Off Sale | Coupon Code BG15 – Fiumara Apparel

Can you guys recommend any other brands that you've found are as durable and esthetically nice as the Dansko brand? I bought some Danskos, only had for about 3 months and one morning after getting out of my car and walking through the garage, both shoe soles disintegrated into black "sort of like ash".

I had to call my husband to bring me some shoes to wear. I've always bought Dansko's seems like when they sold to another company things went down hill. It's happening to vintage Nikes too. Anything with a polyurethane foam sole will disintegrate eventually, and often in a spectacular unexpected fashion.

Just google it. I love the look of those. Thanks for the link. They're right in line of what I've been looking for. I was actually looking around for Dansko for myself because I really like the look of them. So thanks for reporting on the quality issues. My Danskos are probably 7 yrs old. So far they are holding up. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Thrifting! Sounds like you got a good pair.

Seems if they sit for a year in a closet is when the soles start crumbling. No matter what, expensive shoes should never do this. I have a pair that are 9 years old — the sole never crumbled but the leather wore down considerably. I have a pair about a 1. According to the articles I've been reading online these polyurethane foam soles have a very limited life. Oxygen and moisture in the air break them down pretty steadily and there's no stopping it. I have a pair of blue Dansko sports. Leather is tough enough to last the rest of my life.

I've had them for at least ten years, maybe fifteen. This last season that second layers, the polyurethane? I never noticed any signs, perhaps it had been cracking for a while, and granted the shoes had been around the block, but I'm surprised Dansko makes such tough shoes with poor disintegrating man-made materials.

I have worn these shoes maybe six times a year, never for any rough work, strictly for fashion. The upper leather still looks very nice.

Bragard Sven Chef Clogs

Its a great shade of teal blue that pairs wonderfully with my jeans. I loved them. I have 2 pairs now and after 2 months of very light wear the soles crumbled and cracked at the ball of the toe. I was shocked but now see that it has happened to others. It's not right I tell you! The company was known for it's long lasting high quality and this is a farce. I want to return them and get 2 new pairs of ones that don't crack or money back.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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Try taking them back to who you bought them from and see what happens. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I bought seven pairs of Danskos in after being introduced to them by my brother. I have worn some regularly in the winter or summer some are sandals and mary janes and others intermittently. We recently moved and I was excited to pull out one of my favorite pairs of mary jane styled Danskos to wear this fall. Within ten minutes of walking in them, the sole began disintegrating from the inside out.

When I got home, I checked the other pairs for similar signs of potential or pending deterioration and upon finding no such concerns, I decided to wear my most worn and used clog to work yesterday only to have the same thing happen.

So sad. I am now trying to determine what can be done with the leather uppers from these shoes, since most are in near new condition. Any suggestions? OMG … I had this happen to me. I thought the pair I had purchased was a "fake" pair of Danskos.