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The reference tuners are screwed into the end of the earphones out of the box, but you can swap these out with treble or bass tuning filters. I tried the bass for a while, but since I listen to music and podcasts I went back to the reference design for general usage.

RHA T10i Review

If you like more treble or bass, then make sure to swap out the filters. I was also sent the model with the inline remote and microphone, but understand that this is optimized for iOS devices. I was unable to control the volume with any of my Android smartphones.

The iPhone 6 Plus was a joy to use with these earphones though so if you have an iPhone you will get the best experience. The RHA T10i starts out at the connection end with a 3. A spring is above this to help keep the cable intact as you move your phone around in your pocket. The cable is 1.

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The rubber coated cable doesn't seem to tangle easy either. Next in line we have the stainless steel Y-adapter where the cable splits off into the left and right earphone cable. There is a plastic slider so you can adjust the width of the opening to your liking. As you approach the left earphone, you will find a flexible, semi-rigid metal casing just over three inches long that is designed to let you contour the cable over your ear. The earphone has a stainless steel body with the tuning filter screwed onto the opening.

Your selected earphone tip slides over the tuning filter. Prior to reaching the semi-rigid metal covering on the right earphone, you will find the in-line remote and microphone. The three buttons are easy to manipulate by feel, which is important since it is located near your mouth for optimal microphone performance. The center button is indented and is used for play, pause, answer call, end call, move to next track, and move to previous track.

RHA T10i Review: Bassy or V-Shaped? - HeadphonesAddict

You can also press and hold it to launch Siri, which is something I use all the time with these type of earphones. The lower button decreases volume while the upper button increases volume. Both of these can also be used to activate the camera shutter on your iPhone and help you capture photos while you listen to music. These are not designed for working out at the gym, but for your daily commute or time spent with music. Some people may be sensitive to the weight of the stainless steel casing, but they never bothered me at all and I imagine such high end construction will see these headphones lasting for a long time to come.

Yeah… um, the Treble filter had almost the same amount of bass as the Reference filter. That k spike is still there, though, which is a bummer.

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I switched to the foam tips and the sound changed a lot. This has been the case with several headphones I've tried the Shures, for one. In-ear headphones are all about the fit, and it's hard to get a better seal than with foam at least for most ears. Using the Bass filters and the foam tips, the sound was a bit mellowed. The spike was reduced, and because of the reduced treble, the T10s sounded less open.

I liked them a lot more though. They went from "good, but not great" to "I could listen to these. I switched to the Treble filters. A more even frequency response than with the Bass filter, certainly, but with the mid-range very forward.

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  5. Voices, for example, were a bit louder than they should be. Bit more bass than the Treble, a bit more treble than the Bass.

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    They did have some excellent stereo separation, soundstage, and imaging, though, better than I've heard with most in-ears. The RHA T10i are particularly bold, though. Their shells are made of stainless steel, but moulded to a similar organic-ish shape seen in the Shure SE Metal is often used to make earphones look sleek and expensive, but here the effect is far more industrial. With a residual roughness to the finish and a clear seam between the two halves that make up each earpiece, they are not pristine.

    Malleable sticks wind over your ears, acting as a stabiliser that eradicates just about all comfort and microphonic noise issues. We imagine the fit of the RHA T10i will divide opinion, but we found them very comfortable for listening sessions long and short.

    RHA T10i: Unboxing & Review!

    Despite having a bass port on the side of the side of the earphones, noise isolation is great too. Or to be more specific, the results are great.

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    The RHA T10i also come with a supremely generous set of tips to get you the best fit possible. The RHA T10i are extremely powerful-sounding, bassy earphones.

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