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Many of them wore OV. I introduced myself, and she instantly recalibrated her vibrancy to fit the contours of my attention, like a phone screen adjusting its brightness according to the light.


Haney was born in Long Beach, California, to a mother, Jenn, who cut hair for a living, and a father, Bob, who worked on an oil rig off the coast. They met cute: Bob went in for a cut, and Jenn accidentally clipped his ear. They moved to Boulder, Colorado, when Haney, a tomboy with a bowl cut, was still young.

When Haney was fifteen, she began cleaning the shop twice a week in exchange for screen-printing privileges. As a junior in high school, she went to Germany as the groom for the U. Equestrian Team; during the trip, a rider who had rented a silver Mercedes asked Haney to return it to the rental company. There is so much in the world. There are so many cool things that, if you put yourself out there, you can do. During her senior year, Haney suddenly panicked at the thought of devoting more of her life to athletics.

Beginning to discover the extent of her magnetism, Haney befriended the linebacker Junior Seau, who invited her to Gillette Stadium for a post-game dinner. The world, again, seemed huge and astonishing. After four months in Boston, she moved to New York, where she found an apartment in Chinatown and a string of catering gigs.

She enrolled in a business program at Parsons, thinking that she might work for a design firm; a year later, she got a day job at a fashion-startup incubator called Launch Collective.

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As a teen-ager, Haney had mostly worn vintage clothes that she altered on her sewing machine, but she started to gravitate toward the idea of a stylish uniform: cropped white T-shirts and simple A-line skirts. She had begun dating a successful restaurateur from Austin named Larry McGuire. Soon after completing the Parsons program, she announced her entrepreneurial plans in a video that she posted on Tumblr.

With her ash-blond hair in layers, and a box of Kashi cereal on the shelves behind her, she said that she was starting an activewear brand. Haney had recently had an epiphany, which she has since recounted many times to investors and to journalists. While going for a casual run on the West Side Highway, in the sort of muscle-mapped neon Nike spandex that she wore when she was a competitive runner, she suddenly felt as though she were dressed all wrong.

She began researching synthetic yarns, trying to find something sturdy that would feel like cotton without showing sweat. She went to a trade show in Utah, located a mill that produced fabrics for Nike and Under Armour, and found a representative who agreed to help her develop a material that was textured and matte, rather than shiny and slick. She quit her job at the Launch Collective and moved to Los Angeles, where she rented couch space off Craigslist and bought a very used Mercedes, which would run only when the heat was on full blast.

She persuaded an L. A few months later, a buyer for J. Crew visited the boutique, and placed an order with Haney for eleven thousand units. The collaboration with J. Crew set off a wave of breathless press, with Haney—her taste, her charisma, her sunny good looks—always at the center.

Every day, for lunch, she went to the nearby Sweetgreen, where she eventually struck up a conversation with a man she always saw there. Haney began sending crop tops and leggings to their wives and girlfriends, ahead of meetings. Responses brightened.

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In the fall of , Haney moved the company to Austin, taking thirty-four employees with her. The employees at H. My visit in February coincided with a tree-planting expedition. About twenty of us drove a short distance to a trail that borders Lady Bird Lake, a reservoir on the Colorado River. We gathered around blue buckets and tall shovels as a woman from the Trail Foundation, which OV sponsors, demonstrated how to plant saplings of Carolina buckthorn and Texas redbud.

The saplings would take fifteen years to become sizable, she said, and only thirty per cent of them would manage to become trees. She leaned in close to observe the tree-planting technique.

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Then she planted three times as many trees as anyone else. Bandier defenders responded by noting that Piet Mondrian invented color-blocking, not OV. Male customers have been overlooked lately, Haney told me, but new merchandise will be coming out for them later in the year. In truth, men, particularly straight men, do not have the same incentives for improving and displaying themselves in the ways that athleisure encourages.

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  • The world of Instagram influencers is the rare professional sphere in which women seem to consistently outearn men. Haney and Wystrach began dating late last spring, after Haney sent Wystrach a message on Instagram.

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    • A few months ago, they bought a house together. The OV office operates on a healthy Austin schedule, emptying out by 5 P. A friendly brown dog named Lupa wandered between mats. As had been the case during the tree planting, I appeared to be the only non-white person in the group. After the workout, I walked around the office and spotted handwritten valentines from Haney on several desks.

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      Here are 3 useful ways to make your backing vocals blend in better. Use Less Volume It goes without saying, but getting a good blend with volume and the right balance between the vocal tracks is the first order of business. Blend Using EQ Alternatively, you can use EQ to create pockets in the frequency spectrum where all the vocals can sit together.

      Blending the vocals in the frequency spectrum is one back. Two quick ways of doing this are: Adding the same reverb to all the vocal tracks but giving more reverb to the backup vocals. This pushes them behind the lead vocal. A pre-fader reverb send on the backup vocals makes it even easier to push them behind the lead vocal.

      Adding a larger reverb to the backup vocals. This could make the backup vocals sound bigger, but farther away. Be careful about overdoing it because they might end up sounding washed out if you add too much. Done right, it will create a nice separation between the two vocal tracks. Read more. Whats your audio issue?